The files on this webpage are the Jant11 series.


The files have all been compressed as zip files. Clicking on a file name will allow it to be downloaded. All the files in each of your computers will need to be refreshed with the updated exe files in the c:\ostomy folder. The updated vname is essential in each of the folders also. You will need to tailor it to connect to your master computer in networked systems.

           ost11.zip  10/10//17                                financ11.zip                                       Outsett11.zip                           Stock11.zip 01/10//17

          preclaim11.zip                            ostset11.zip                                       manual11.zip                                  Ancills11.zip 

                                                 vname               vstock1.zip 01/10/17             vstock2.zip 01/10/17    sysfiles.zip